🚀🚀🚀Getting Your Investments Ready for the 2024

Crypto Bull Runs

Get ready for alt-season if you want pumps that will change your life. Compared to Bitcoin, the price of altcoins tends to surge dramatically around this time of year. 🙏🏼

I don't know when the altcoin season will start, but it's critical to understand the money movement that builds up to it. The first phase, the influx of capital into Bitcoin, is happening right now.

Ethereum has to begin surging and

outperforming Bitcoin before alt-season can begin.

Many people speculated during the recent bull run that ETH or Solana would one day dethrone Bitcoin.

With Solana, you may buy bigger altcoins, particularly ones with solid foundations. Then suddenly, every altcoin is seeing a price surge. It would appear that even the most fundamentally flawed cryptocurrencies are beginning to pump.

Based on what I've learned about the altcoin season, I'd say that a bull run portfolio is very similar to one.

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