Hamster Kombat Referral

Jogue comigo, torne-se CEO de uma criptoexchange e receba um airdrop de tokens!

💸 +2k Moedas como presente de primeira vez

🔥 +25k Moedas se você tiver Telegram Premium


🐹 👉 Play for free earn money in 1 click: https://t.me/hamster_koMbat_bot/start?startapp=kentId1201734377

The Hamster Family has become the largest edutainment community not only on #Telegram but in the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Hamster Kombat has decided to launch its upcoming product and token on the $TON blockchain 💎

Hamster Kombat a Tap-2-Earn management simulation game

Leveraging #telegram's viral social mechanisms combined with special reward cards and other features, the game has reached over 60M users with 24M daily active users. 📈📈🚀🚀

Hamster 🐹 + $TON = Success

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